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adventure062417Now booking dates for your intimate, casual, fun Private Charter for 2017! Either Adventure or RiverQuest are a unique, affordable venue for your private gathering. Weddings, Company Outings, Family Reunions, Cocktail Parties, Anniversary, etc...


Special Cruises


We have a cruise for everyone! February thru October we are on the river with so many fun and relaxing cruises to enjoy! Daytime and Sunset Cruises, Birding, Kid's, Wine/Food, Music and more. 


Gift Certificates


Please click "More" below. A Gift Certificate for a RiverQuest cruise works for all ages, never goes out of style and never expires! We offer relaxing Sunset and Daytime Cruises and lots of Special Cruises throughout the year!






Give yourself plenty of time if you are driving on Rt 9 or I-95 for weekend traffic backups.

Some upcoming RiverQuest cruises leaving from HADDAM.

Check out our calendar (button below) for more cruises/dates.... 


June 28:

90 minute Daytime Gillette Castle Viewing Cruise: 11:30am

June 29:

90 minute Daytime Gillette Castle Viewing Cruise: 11:30am

June 30:

90 minute Daytime Gillette Castle Viewing Cruise: 1:30pm

TGIF Sunset Cruise: 6:30pm

July 1:

90 minute Daytime Gillette Castle Viewing Cruise: 1:30pm

Sunset Cruise: 6:30pm

July 2:

90 minute Daytime Gillette Castle Viewing Cruise: 1:30pm

July 3:

90 minute Daytime Gillette Castle Viewing Cruise: 11:30am

July 4:

Search for Fireworks Cruise: 7:30pm to 10:30pm


Tree Swallow Sunset Cruises  are also booking now! 

Also, for SOLD OUT cruise. Do try to book, sometimes we have a cancellation and we can't keep up with updating the home page and calendar. :-)









Sunset 06-23, one of the "showery" days! Always beautiful on the river. More fun without pure sun!


Look hard! I see "three" swinging chicks. 06-21-17


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River Updates



Update on the chick amount there are "swinging chicks" in the East Haddam Swinge Bridge Opsrey nest! It looks like most of the Osprey babies have hatched. We see Mom and/or Dad at the nest feeding them. Many times we see them flying in with a fish. We will go very close to a few nests on each one of our journeys.

We have also been seeing the Goodspeed Bald Eagle parents regularly near the nest and the two BIG eaglets are flapping their wings and should be flying any second now! On our southbound Sunset Cruises, we have been seeing the Hamburg Cove Bald Eagle parents near their nest (nest is very hard to see). We are hoping to see a chick perched in a tree nearby the nest soon.

Cruises are in full "summer" swing. The Sunset Cruies we have gone out on "possible" showers evening have been fun! Sun, a quick shower, rainbows, lots of wildlife in the peacefulness and great passengers! Coem aboard! There are lots of cruises already on the calendar...more in the making! Keep checking!


General Bald Eagle nest update from the DEEP: We have 45 active nests in CT. Two have failed, others are either incubating or brooding.


Enjoy our 2016 Season Video: 


2016 RiverQuest Video


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The Florida, Dick Pritchett, Eagle Cam already has two eggs in incubation!






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