Our history has made us what we are today

Connecticut River Expeditions (CRE) originally owned and operated RiverQuest.  From 2002 to 2021 Captain Mark and Mindy Yuknat provided the general public access to the lower Connecticut River, educating passengers on the ecology and beauty of the lower Connecticut River, while they cruising aboard  eco-tour vessel, RiverQuest. Today this boat is berthed at Steamboat Dock at the Connecticut River Museum and continues to operate from Essex, CT.

A Captain in the Making

At 12 years old, Mark “borrowed” his first boat from the beach in Old Lyme and developed a passion for the Connecticut River.   He spent his summers with his grandmother on White Sands Beach.  His parents would join them on weekends.  After seeing him eyeing a boat on the beach, his mother insisted that he not go out, in, or around any boats.  As if this was a challenge, he and his friends proceeded to have many adventures on the water.


Mark and Mindy, the owners of RiverQuest, were both raised in Old Lyme. They have been cruising on the lower Connecticut River and Long Island Sound in various vessels since childhood and are very knowledgeable on the history, ecology and local wildlife that abound on the lower Connecticut River.

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