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  • This nest is located in Hammonasset Beach Park in Madison, CT
  • This nest is located in New Haven, CT
  • Located in Long Island Sound off the coast of Guilford, Connecticut. Courtesy of Menunkatuck Audubon Society.
  • This nest is located in North Ft. Myers, Florida.
  • They have nested in this tree since 2006.
  • Eggs are usually laid mid to late November.
  • This nest is located in Mount Berry, GA.
  • They have nested on the Berry College campus since 2012.
  • Eggs are usually laid mid January.
  • They are nesting near the Decorah Trout Hatchery
  • They have built three nests in the area.
  • Eggs are usually laid mid-late February, just like our local eagles.
  • Spring Ruby-throated Hummingbird First Bird Reports
  • Since 2000, Rob Bierregaard has been tagging Ospreys with satellite transmitters that enable us to follow their movements and migration to South America and back.
  • Punky the Hooded Merganser’s and Woodie Wood Duck nest
  • Eggs are usually laid starting in January/February.
  • Chicks jump from nest March/April
  • The saga of a Red Tail Hawk in NY City
  •  Beautiful still photographs and video clips
  • animated map showing current wind speed.
  • Learn About Birds by Creating and Managing Tree Swallow Nest Box Projects
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