Meet Our Crew

We are a team of captains and crew that are dedicated to bringing the Connecticut River to life. “See it! Share it! Protect it!”


Dan Thompson

Captain / CRM Watercraft Operations Manager

Captain Dan has years of experience as a Captain on the lower Connecticut River and has a 100 Ton Masters License issued by the United States Coast Guard. He started in Essex as the Captain of the Schooner Mary E then the 1614 Replica of Adriaen Block’s ship the Onrust. Now he also enjoys navigating RiverQuest. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of seamanship and history.

David Carey


Captain Dave has been on the Connecticut River for a lifetime and has a 100 Ton Masters License issued by the United States Coast Guard. He enjoys the river wildlife, having watched the come back of many species, he is committed to conservation and stewardship.

Bob Craft


Bob is a man of the water. he has a 200 Ton Masters License issued by the United States Coast Guard and has extensive experience at the helm. He has been a captain on steam boats, ferries, and excursion vessels. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the Connecticut River is limitless.


Cathy Malin

Crew / Naturalist / CRM Director of Visitor Experience

Cathy does a little of everything here at CRM and she loves when she has the opportunity to be crew on cruises! Cathy enjoys the outdoors and watching the river wildlife. She also is a certified Naturalist with the CT DEEP and does volunteer work with the Old Saybrook Land Trust and more.

Roald Osborne

Crew / Interpreter

Sailing since he was a small child, Roald is very comfortable on the water, and the CT River is his favorite place. He loves to share his knowledge of the history and wildlife that surrounds our area.

Scott Gray

Crew / Naturalist

Scott loves the CT River, it’s history and especially Selden Island. You will often see him kayaking to the island to complete a stewardship projects. He is also an avid volunteer and an education/conservation advocate who loves people.

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