Apr – Celebrate Earth Day

A special 90-minute cruise in celebration of Earth Day;

Join us on a special cruise featuring former Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection fisheries biologist, Steve Gephard. For 46 years, Steve worked tirelessly to restore a viable population of Atlantic salmon in the Connecticut River. Now, he educates children in schools about the role fish play in the ecosystem and works with European governments to conserve salmon populations in the North Atlantic.

This cruise will be a deep dive into the fascinating world beneath the surface of the Connecticut River, with a focus on the fish that call it home and the role they play in the ecosystem. Steve’s extensive knowledge of the River and experience working with environmental organizations will make for an exciting and enriching experience on the water, and a prime opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the Earth.

Earth Day Cruise:

$20: Members

$25: Non-members

April 2024

  • April 20, 3:00pm – 4:30pm
  • please check our  calendar
  • It is best to book online to secure your spot, if you need help please email us at crew@ctrivermuseum.org
  • Please, always confirm the cruise is going by checking the ctrivermuseum.org home page for any changes!
  • RiverQuest leaves the dock on time! Please check in at the front desk at least fifteen minutes before departure.
  • The Captain reserves the right to change the cruise itinerary or cancel a cruise anytime he feels that there may be a weather, viewing or safety issue. We want to remind everyone that this is a nature cruise and the weather can change drastically in minutes; rain, wind, fog, ice and heavy snow may develop quickly. There are times when a cruise may need to be canceled very last minute. We will of course try to give as much notice as possible. Thank your for your understanding.


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