Jun-Sep – CT’s Amazon, a Cruise around Selden Island

This is great way to enjoy a wonderful, magical place. We will travel from Haddam to Selden Island Creek in Lyme for a circumnavigation of Selden Island, the largest island in Connecticut, a state park and a pristine, very special area. While in the creek, it will feel like it did hundreds of years ago, untouched and beautiful. During your entire cruise, you will observe local wildlife and various points of interest. There are always some plants in bloom and birds to see and hear. Bring a picnic basket and beverage if you would like.

Adults: $40

No Children under 12 please.


TBD, please check our  calendar

  • It is best to book online to secure your spot.
  • Please, always confirm the cruise is going by checking the ctriverquest.com home page for any changes! or call 860-767-8269
  • RiverQuest leaves the dock on time! Please check in at the dock at least fifteen minutes before departure.
  • NO ON-LINE BOOKING FOR OVER TEN PERSONS.  Please email us if you have more than 10.
  • The Captain reserves the right to change the cruise itinerary or cancel a cruise anytime he feels that there may be a weather, viewing or safety issue. We want to remind everyone that this is a nature cruise and the weather can change drastically in minutes; rain, wind, fog, ice and heavy snow may develop quickly. There are times when a cruise may need to be canceled very last minute. We will of course try to give as much notice as possible. Thank your for your understanding.


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